Devolver Digital upside down horror splatter ninja and more

Devolver Digital upside down horror splatter ninja and more

Shadow Warriors 3, Carrion & Devolverland Throw into the mix a handful of E3 jokes
The Devolver Digital Direct 2020 live stream

In a live stream, Devolver Digital introduced upcoming games, including Shadow Warrior 3 and Serious Sam 4, and took the opportunity to once again focus on the marketing efforts of other publishers. As a replacement for the cancelled E3 games fair, there is also a free shooter.

Shadow Warrior 3

As part of the live show (Youtube) gameplay from Shadow Warrior 3 was shown. The combination of sword fights and shootings extends the developers by parcours elements and a grappling hook. This can be used to traverse or manipulate the environment, which is used in the trailer to crush demons with a trap.

Serious Sam 4

It was already known that Serious Sam 4 will only be released on the PC in August 2020. Accordingly, Devolver Digital was only able to present the series-typical continuous fire gameplay with various weapons and opponents in a trailer.


The "upside down" horror game Carrion will be released on July 23rd. In addition to the date, the developers showed short gameplay excerpts that illustrate what inverted horror means. The protagonist does not have to deal with a menacing monster, but rather must be this monster and as such escape from a maximum security facility. To this end, it persecutes all the people it can find and spreads panic and fear as it develops steadily. Carrion will be released for Windows Pcs on Steam and GOG as well as for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Fall Guys

On August 4, Devolver will release Digitial on Playstation 4 and Fall Guys on Windows Pcs via Steam. This is a mixture of Battle Royale and Jump 'n' Run, as the game sends 60 participants through various challenges until only one remains.

Weird West

From former Arcane developers (Dishonored, Prey) comes a game that carries its setting in its name. Weird West mixes the "Wild West" with the supernatural. The focus of the game is to be a dynamic story that adapts to the decisions made permanently and leaves numerous freedoms. So there are several heroes, but also the possibility to go with each figure alone. In addition, any person can be killed, even loading a score does not undo the effects. According to the developers, this should lead to significant actions. Secondary tasks and events should also be created on the basis of such events.

Free guided tour of the fair

To replace the E3 booths, Devolver has released "Devolverland Expo" on Steam. The shooter is described as a "marketing simulator" and takes place in an abandoned event center, where trailer, gameplay videos and secrets must be found. In principle, this makes a virtual tour of the fair possible, in which the stands and videos of the publisher are presented in a game.

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